The Clamdiggers at Music on the Bay, Mingus Park

The Clamdiggers at Music on the Bay, Mingus Park

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The Diggers were born out of the desire to dig deep for tasty morsels that may not otherwise feel the sun’s rays.

Dateline 2015: David Ford, Michael Carrillo and Alec Berfield discovered Clark Stacer searching around for people of like musical minds to play with and The Clam Diggers Band was formed. We call it Modern Blues and that’s pretty much what we play right now for LIVE gigs.

However, in the studio at Brown’s Cove we have been working on Original tunes that range, again, from Modern Blues to Americana to soulful RnB flavored music spotlighting 4 vocalists and influences that span from one side of the spectrum to the other.

  • David Ford has Jimi Hendrix, Steve Winwood, Robben Ford and more mixed in with his love for intricate and interesting Americana.
  • Michael Carrillo is the resident musical historian with the ability to recite arrangements from James Brown to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Hank Ballard and The Midnighter’s and on and on.
  • Clark Stacer brings James Jamerson added to his own groove oriented style having focused on everything from soup to nuts. Jazz, RnB, Rock and much more. Clark allows the Diggers to reach in to more current music found in today’s musical palate.
  • Alec Berfield has the Ray Charles, Leon Russell, Bill Payne, Terry Adams outlook, both bluesy and snappy in style. Keep it simple and surprise ’em from time to time is the approach.
  • Tom Beckstrom has the percussion under delicious control. There are no birds actually living in the ‘birdhouse’ wood blocks he plays, so don’t bother PETA about it!

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